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Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas

Workforce Board

The Deep East Texas Local Workforce Development Board, Inc. is the board of directors for Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas. The board is one of 28 workforce boards in Texas. The board is a policy making body that plans, oversees, and evaluates workforce development programs in the 12-county deep east Texas workforce development area. To carry out our mission, the board creates and maintains partnerships with local businesses and industries and the community at large.

About the Board

The Deep East Texas Local Workforce Development Board has an annual operating budget of over $19 million. The 2021 Annual Report provides more detail about Board activity and accomplishments. The board is composed of 25 to 31 members appointed by the county judge of their respective counties. 

The board is business-led with a majority of the members coming from and representing the private sector. Other board members represent labor and community-based organizations, education, economic development organizations, and state agencies. 

Board members serve on one of three standing committees that make recommendations to the full board for final approval. All meetings are open to the public.