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Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas

Information Hub

Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas provides helpful information on Employment Services, Unemployment Statistics and Job Market Information.

Texas Unemployment Statistics

Unemployment statistics show you the size of the labor force, the number employed, the number unemployed and the percentage of unemployed compared to the size of the labor force. Employed persons are shown by work county; unemployed workers are shown by residence county.

View the latest monthly statistics for unemployment below and labor market information for our area or anywhere in the state.

Labor Market Information

Any data or analysis that relates to the workforce is called Labor Market Information. There are a number of sites that provide a great deal of data. We've included here what we think are some of the best.

Texas Labor Data

  • Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI)
    The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Labor Market & Career Information Department developed this site. You can find most career and economic data you need for Texas, workforce areas, and counties.
  • Texas Industry Profiles site provides industry-based information and regional analysis tools to assist local workforce and economic development professionals to better understand and clearly describe the Texas regional industry structure and workforce dynamics.
  • County and Regional Profiles provide a narrative of demographic and labor market information
  • Texas LMI provides monthly Texas Labor Market Highlights
  • Emerging and Evolving Occupations provides cumulative findings on emerging and evolving occupations in Texas.
  • The Texas Comptrollers Office provides some tax information for various Regions in Texas

National Information