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Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas

Hiring Veterans

Employers recognize the value military service brings to the workplace. Veterans bring experience, skills and leadership abilities that strengthen the Texas workforce. Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas is ready to help employers find and hire quality employees who are Veterans. 

Why Hire a Veteran?

  • Leadership — Veterans are trained to be leaders and managers.
  • Professionalism — Veterans know the importance of integrity and respect, respect that gives your team a winning edge.
  • Responsibility — Veterans know what it means to be accountable for valuable human and material resources.
  • Mission-Critical Skills — Veterans undergo trade-related and technical training that often relates directly to civilian jobs.
  • Physical Conditioning — Veterans know the value of being in top physical condition and drug free.
  • Can-Do Attitude — Veterans carry and apply a positive attitude to get the job done.
  • Calm under Fire — Veterans are steady, cool, and collected. Handling stress is all in a day’s work for veterans.
  • First-Class Image — Veterans don't have to be reminded to get a haircut. Whether in uniform or a business suit, veterans know how to dress for success.
  • On Time, All the Time — Veterans know that every second counts and will be there on time.
  • Global Perspective — Veterans are tuned in to the forces and events that shape the global market.

Personalized Services for Employers

Veterans Employer Liaisons are available to assess employer's needs and match the skills, abilities, strengths and experiences of veterans with the employer's needs.

  • Pre-screen candidates to match the employer's job requirements.
  • Act as liaison by providing assistance posting jobs in Work-In-Texas.
  • Provide information on a variety of veterans programs such as Work Opportunity Tax credits and On the Job Training programs.
  • Create and maintain relationships with businesses, corporations, Local Workforce Development Boards/BSU, military, Veteran Service Organizations, colleges and universities, and other workforce partners.
  • Provide hiring support and follow up services

Ask for the Veterans Employer Liaison