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Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas

Child Care Providers

Becoming a child care provider with Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas Child Care Services not only helps to improve the quality of life for our community, it also provides many benefits to the business.

Advantages of being a CCS provider are:

  • Receive training and technical assistance to deliver quality care and education
  • Receive direct payment for child care services
  • Participate in the Texas Rising Star program to enhance delivery of care and education
  • Receive inclusion services
  • Access to CCS staff to help with utilizing Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas CCS Area facilities
  • Providers receive paid holidays for CCS referred children

Requirements of becoming a CCS provider:

  • Must be licensed or registered with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) as a child care center, licensed child care home or a registered child care home, or operated and monitored by the United States Military Services,

  • Must be in good standing with the licensing agency,

  • Must not have any outstanding audit exceptions, and

  • Must sign and agree to abide by the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding and the CCS Provider Handbook

For additional information on becoming a CCS Provider, email Provider Services at or call 1-800-256-1030.

Resources for Providers to Improve Business Performance and Retain Staff

Child Care Business Services

Becoming a Texas Rising Star Provider

Becoming a Texas Rising Star provider is a mandatory certification process for improving the quality of child care services. A Texas Rising Star Provider is a child care provider that has an agreement with the Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas Child Care Services (CCS) to serve families receiving CCS assistance and that meets requirements that exceed the State's Minimum Licensing Standards for child care facilities. The Texas Rising Star Provider certification system provides graduated levels of certification as providers meet progressively higher certification requirements.

Certification as a Texas Rising Star Provider is available to Licensed Center, Licensed Child Care Home, and Registered Child Care Home providers who meet the certification criteria. The process improves the quality of child care provided, not only to CCS-subsidized children, but to all children enrolled in certified facilities.


The benefits to being a Texas Rising Star Provider include:

  • TRS providers offer a higher quality of care, which benefits children and families and may ultimately promote their program
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) requires that CPS children be placed only with TRS providers
  • TRS providers may have access to additional training
  • TRS providers are eligible for higher reimbursement rates from CCS

Contact us for more information about the TRS program, or to apply to be a TRS provider.

Quality Child Care Indicators

Texas Government Code §2308.3171 defines a “quality child care indicator” as any appropriate indicator of quality services, including if the provider is:

  • A Texas Rising Star (TRS) certified provider
  • Accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting organization approved by the Texas Workforce Commission
  • Kindergarten Readiness System certified
  • Participating in the Texas School Ready! Project

For additional information on becoming a Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas Texas Rising Star Provider, email