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Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas


2024 Teacher Externship Application

Feb 26, 2024
Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas

Teacher externships offer a professional development experience that is often transformative for educators and their students. Teachers will learn how industry specific strategies can be applied in the classroom. With this unique first-hand experience, teachers can design and implement classroom activities, projects, and work-based learning opportunities. Teachers will apply to spend their externship experience with one of the following participating employers:

Based on their worksite experience, each teacher will write a lesson plan and incorporate it into the classroom instruction during the Fall Semester of 2024. Teachers who complete the Externship will receive a $1,000 stipend, paid in two parts--$500 upon completion of the externship summer requirements, and $500 upon the classroom delivery of the lesson plan and worksite/classroom visit with employer before November 30, 2024.

Previous Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas Teacher Externships have resulted in internships and jobs for students, industry career exploration fairs, equipment donations, tours, and classroom speakers. Click to learn more about past years: 2021, 2022 and 2023.


  • $1,000 stipend at the end of the externship – paid out in two phases ($500 after completion of the externship in June, $500 after the lesson delivery and worksite/classroom visit with employer in Fall 2024)
  • Professional development opportunity - apply industry specific strategies in the classroom
  • Invaluable experience and business connections - inform, educate, guide and connect students to industries that match their skill sets


  • Application: Teachers who meet eligibility requirements are asked to identify what they hope to gain from this experience and explain how it will impact their students’ educational outcomes.
  • Eligibility requirements: Teacher, counselor, director in a Deep East Texas school district; 14 years or older; U.S citizen or noncitizen authorized to work in the U.S.; and if male, meet U.S. Military Selective Service registration requirement.
  • Teachers will be asked to upload the eligibility documentation when completing the application. Please have digital versions of the documents you plan to submit, such as US Passport, drivers’ license, social security card and work authorization letter from the ISD.
    • Lesson Plan: Teachers will prepare a lesson plan using what they learned and deliver it to students in the Fall 2024 semester.
    • Worksite/Classroom Visit: Teachers will provide documentation of a worksite/classroom visit with the employer.
    • Post-Externship Survey: Teachers will complete a survey associated with the experience.


    • June 6, 2024 – Orientation for all participating teachers and Employer contacts.
    • June 10-14, 2024 – Onsite at the Employers worksite, with Debrief for all participating teachers and Employer contacts to take place the second half of the day on June 14.

    Teacher Extern Selection:

    • Teacher must meet eligibility requirements.
    • Priority will be given to Deep East Texas public middle and high school Teachers, school counselors, and school administrators, charter middle and high school Teachers, school counselors, and school administrators, and Adult Education Teachers.
    • Teachers who participated in the previous externship will only be considered after all first-time applicants have been placed and there are still open slots.
    • If more than fifteen (15) teachers apply, a waiting list will be maintained to fill slots that may become available prior to the beginning of the program.

    The completed application and all required documents must be submitted by April 14, 2024.

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